"It's Worth It All!"

In life so much is disappointing,
I've tasted of it's bitter gall.
To feel the touch of God's annointing,
Has made the struggle "worth it all".

I've had my share of hurt and aching,
So oft in life I've "hit the wall".
To feel God's care when heart is breaking,
Makes pain and suffering "worth it all".

I've walked down the path of sorrow,
And tears of grief began to fall.
But I've talked with God about tomorrow,
And His promise makes it "worth it all".

Now passing time my health is stealing,
My wasting body feels it's pall.
My mind and spirit knows God's healing,
And this knowledge makes it "worth it all".

And some day I'll face the setting sun,
I'll hear, from heaven, God's last call.
To hear Him say, "My child well done",
Will make life's journey "worth it all".
© Ken Hammack

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