Words Of Love

Tonight you read my favorite story to me again, I love to snuggle and listen to the familiar words. I know you've read it to me a hundred times, but I love it when you read it again.

The words all say, "I love you", to me.

Today you asked me how my day was. You didn't want to hear if I was good or bad, or if I did all my schoolwork. You wanted to know if I had a great day, and if I learned anything new. I love it when you ask me that.

The words all say, "I love you", to me.

This afternoon, you hung my picture on the 'fridge. I know it's just a scribble, but I like the colors. You said it was beautiful, and hung it right in the middle, and told Grandma on the phone that I drew it just for you,

And those words all said, "I love you" to me.

Tonight you made brownies for dessert. I told you once upon a time that they were my favorite. Every time you bake them, I think you remember that. And when you tell me we have brownies for dessert tonight,

Those words all say, "I love you", to me.

When it was bedtime, you came and said my prayers with me. I remember how I used to not know what to say. But you taught me how to talk to God like He's a good friend, and always there for me. And when we say our "God Blesses" together,

Those words all say, "I love you", to me.

I just saw you come in my room. I'm almost sound asleep now, but I felt you kiss me, and smooth my blankets,

And your touch says to me, "I love you."

I love you, too.

Thank you for teaching me the words of love.
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Thank you

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