The Wings of a Butterfly

The Lord sends down His blessings
In little every day miracles
Some so quiet, most do not notice
Yet they are significant in their own way

Like the wings of a butterfly
Carrying it where it needs to go
Quietly, efficiently, beautifully
And with total dedication

Such can be said about God's blessings
Each day He is there
Waiting for you to notice
Wanting you to acknowledge

His miracles can be seen
In the bloom of a flower
In the colors of a sunset
In a baby's response to your smile

His love can be felt
In the sincerity of a hug
In the warmth of the sun
The gentleness of a summer breeze

His voice can be heard
In the sound of joyous laughter
The church bells on the hill
Mothers humming lullabies

His promises will be fulfilled
Awakening in every new dawn
The birth of every new creature
The glory of a rainbow

Stop and look around
Find God in everything you see
Then bow your head in praise
As the butterfly passes by
© DeAnna L. Renfro

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