What Was The Question?

Father, how is it that You love me,
When sin is such a part of my life?
And by Your Word, still, call me holy,
Through the blood, Your Son, has sacrificed?

Where Father, do I take responsibility,
For all of the sins I have done?
How can You, just, on forgiving me,
Over and over, through the blood of Your Son?

My child, I've loved you since the beginning of time,
And it's not based on whether you sin or not.
I created you and you have always been mine,
And My love for you will never stop.

In the days, when your child disobeys you,
And after you put him to bed at night.
In the morning, are your mercies not new,
And you reach out to hold him tight?

And when he's older and continues to disobey,
And leaves home to live a life of sin.
Do you not desire for him to change his way,
And return back to you, once, again?

What loving parent would not die for his child?
But, if the child continues to live in sin.
And refuses to repent from his worldly style,
Then, how can your love, or, death save him?

So, it is with you, who still sin,
Though, of your sin, I do not approve.
I wait for you to ask Me again,
For forgiveness, so I can bless you.

Sin will rob you of My blessings,
But it will never rob you of My love.
But My love will bring you testing,
Of your faith, in My Son from above.

For, without faith, you are spiritually dead,
And to remain there, you seal your destiny.
Because, if, you are not spiritually led,
Then, My love, nor death, can save you from the enemy.

Your love is no different than mine,
Except, that My love never fails.
Your love is, only, for a limited time,
Mine is sealed forever, on a cross, by nails.

You ask, how it is I love you?
Are you sure that's what the question should be?
After all I've done, that I can do,
How is it that you, can still sin, against Me?
© Reginal R. Tidwell
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