What If Things Were Different

If some way I could find to walk back into time,
And alter a scene or two,
In each race that I ran, In each shipwrecked plan,
I wonder just what I would do.

To change every course, lose every remorse,
That would bring every lofty plan low,
Would I more carefully plan, at each crossroad I'd stand,
I wonder which way I would go?

Would criticism be heard, would there be a harsh word?
Where a much kinder word should be,
Would I hear a loud cheer or would it be a proud jeer?
Where there shouldn't be one you see.

Opportunities missed and untaken risks,
That would help some poor soul on the road.
Would there be those I shun and things left undone,
That would lighten some travelers load.

What would be the cause when I failed to pause,
To kiss away some little child's pain.
Would it be wealth or position or selfish ambition,
Or desire for much personal gain.

And out of my stress in my dash for success,
Would I trample some soul neath my feet?
And seeing their lack, would I still turn my back?
When their needs I could easily meet.

Would I be such a brute in my careless pursuit,
That I blindly would push one away,
Would I hold each one near while they are still here,
Would I love them and hug them each day?

With a wide open mind I am sure I could find,
If my heart would be honest and fair,
I could search hard and long and could find every wrong,
But each one of them still would be there.

For I can't change any, no matter how many,
For they're still the past don't forget,
But I can live now and show others how,
To live life without any regret.

Live my life for others, my sisters and brothers,
Put others ahead of myself,
Give of heart, soul, and mind, to help all of man-kind,
Find those things that bring real peace and health.

But there would be some things that from memory springs,
That I wouldn't change for a minute.
Like a great mom and dad and the family I had,
And the love and acceptance within it.

To be taught right from wrong and a faith that is strong,
In an infinite almighty God,
For the songs I would sing, yes even the sting,
of His loving but chastening rod.

For the things I've discerned and the truths I have learned,
As I've journeyed this pathway of life,
For each trial I face, for God's mercy and grace,
That brings peace and assurance midst strife.

And for each one of you, my classmates so true,
And for all the fun times that I had.
For those days long gone by at old Clovis High,
I will always be grateful and glad.

And when my life is done at the setting of sun,
With all troubles and trials surmounted,
Among each tear that is shed, may I hear it said,
That my deeds and my life really counted.
ŠKen Hammack

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