What Are You Investing?

A story I've heard from God's written Word,
Of a lad with two little fishes.
And so, it is said, out of five loaves of bread,
Jesus made a meal so very delicious.

It was such meager fare, what the lad had to share,
From his little sack lunch that day.
You would never have guessed it but Jesus took it and blessed it.
And fed five thousand souls on the way.

His disciples so true didn't know what to do,
And they asked Him to send them away.
But Christ didn't heed them, instead He said "feed them".
A test of their faith to display.

They told Him the "vittles" amounted to little,
But Jesus said, "Bring them to me".
As He prayed He would take them and then He would break them.
A miracle then they would see.

In that very same hour, God would display His power,
As Jesus, lovingly, met every need.
And I have a hunch when the lad shared his lunch,
He invested this miracle's seed.

And I must confess that God will lavishly bless,
From His abundantly, wonderful store.
If we open the door He will give so much more,
Than we could imagine or guess.

God will give of His treasure in far greater measure,
Than the little we trust to His hand.
But if we invest it, we will find He has blessed it,
And will give it back to us again.

So in life's crucial testing, what are you investing?
Are you, sparingly, sowing the seed?
Or are you lavishly giving with joy and thanksgiving,
If you are God will meet every need.

As we give, we are given from God's riches in heaven,
A life so abundant and "cool".
So no longer delay, invest wisely today,
Your return could be "twelve baskets full".
© Ken Hammack

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