A world without Jesus
is a world without hope.

When Do We Need Revival?

It is very evident that we need a revival:
When it is easier to stay at home than to go to church.
When it is easier to work than worship.
When it is easier to be critical than kind.
When it is easier to read magazines than the Bible.
When it is easier to support the club than the church.
When it is easier to grumble than to praise.
When it is easier to hold grudges than to forgive.
When it is easier to condemn souls rather than pray for their salvation.
© Original Author

Ready For The Second Coming?

If all the sleepers would wake up,
And all the grumblers would cheer up,
And all the doubters would look up,
And all the Christians would pray up,
And all the non-tithers would pay up,
And all the gossipers would shut up,
And all the quarrelers would make up,
And all the slothful would catch up,
And all the cold ones would warm up,
And all the fallen would get up,
And all the hypocrites would clean up,
And all the members would show up,
Our church would be ready to go up.
© Original Author

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