The following poems were written by my son and daughter-in-law
to each other just prior to their marriage and
were printed on the programs for their wedding ceremony.
Of course the song playing is "their" song. Enjoy!



As day reels freely into night,
so will our friendship into more.

Yesterday we wandered alone,
Today we journey as one.

Come as they will,
the days we spend will be grand
We'll not be dwelling on past
but living the present and
longing for future days to spend
prevailing not with doubt
but living solely in content.

You are my perfect love.

I offer my absolute love to you.
Your absolute love is all I ask.

Be with me,
and this will be our perfect love
to share together
as days reel freely into night.

With love,
March, 1990


How can we say in spring
the same said in autumn?

A contrition by me owed:
the arduous path of expression
expands; diminishes.

But love transcends whispers,
silently exclaims.
(and today,
Forever begins with a hush)

Descended leaves
from orchards pressed in sky
(crests of life,
thought trodden into annihilation)

Spill secrets of seed to broaden
April's belly of the tree
dance as rivulets,
scoff at wint'ry Death.
and transcend (as love)
the silent words which we exchange.

With love,
March, 1990


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