In the stillness of the morning,
When all seemed to be at peace.
The enemy came without warning,
And his evil fury was released.

With friendly planes through friendly sky,
Used as missiles for a time of war.
Innocent victims were destined to die,
And the stillness of peace was to be no more.

Yet, the cry of death was not complete,
For many would still fall to their doom.
As buildings crumbled and fell to the street,
In fire and smoke with an eerie gloom.

Freedom was scarred across the land,
As a nation stood shaken and dazed.
But, in the rubble was strength and courage for man,
As they watched their flag being raised.

The hero's with others who had fallen,
Among the steel as towering steeples,
Was the voice of God desperately calling,
A nation to prayer, as, a united people.

Then, the Holy Spirit rose within their soul,
Assuring them of their hope, held inside.
And to press on, to victory, as, their goal,
For God still reigns and is still their guide.

The fallen are secure in God's hand,
And they live in the promise of His eternal peace.
But, in a moment, the nation could only, stand,
For it was in that moment, their life ceased.

But, God resurrected the living, as well, as, the dead,
And in both, it is life, He will restore.
And by His Spirit the people will be led,
For God holds the future, in peacetime or war.
© Reginal R. Tidwell
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