Unclaimed Inheritance


We were recently going through our records, seeking all who have not claimed their inheritance, and your name came up. We have confirmed that you are entitled to an all expenses paid trip of a lifetime.

The travel arrangements have been made in your name; the price has been paid in full. This trip has been planned and insured by the oldest and most experienced and respected travel agent ever. There will be no long lines at the airport; there will be no lost luggage...no lost reservations.

You are confirmed... Your host has already been selected and will meet you personally at check in time. You can expect to see lots of your friends and family, in fact we would like to ask you to invite as many people as you are able to. We are certain that if invited, their name will be found on the passenger list also.

If you have any questions please contact the travel agent directly, he will direct you to a local office, to assist you in preparation for your trip.

Again, Congratulations, we'll see you at check in time....

Confirmation Number: JOHN 3:16

Heaven: Your ultimate Destination resort

Travel Agents information

Name: Father God

To contact Him personally, just say His name. To find out more about Him and His experience, there is a book that you can pick up:

The Holy Bible

Your Travel Host: The Lord Jesus

Jesus is not only your host, He paid for the entire trip. You can contact Him directly; just say His name. All your questions concerning Jesus are answered in the same book:

The Holy Bible

You, too, can be born again, much the same as the caterpillar which is born into a new life as a butterfly!

"I tell you solemnly, unless a man is born again,
he cannot see the Kingdom of God."

John 3:3


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