True Love
(Dedicated to my beloved wife
who, over the past thirty eight tears,
has taught me in so many ways
what true love is really all about.)

True love is like the morning mist,
That covers every hill and plain,
That "freshens" every flower kissed,
Restores it's fragrance once again.

True love is like the golden sun,
That softly chases night away,
That signals each new day begun,
Warms and brightens come what may.

True love is like a gentle breeze,
That cools a "torrid" summer day,
Lend's it's comfort and it's ease,
Provides safe haven from the fray.

True love is like the brilliant host,
That lights up heaven's vast array,
The star that seems to shine the most,
Gives guiding light along your way.

True love is like a treasure rare,
Worth far more than jewels or gold,
It's value is beyond compare,
It's essence can't be bought or sold.

Seek not true love in shallow things,
Like looks or talents, wealth and fame,
True love's not found in diamond rings,
Or infatuation's "fickle" game.

True love is found deep in the soul,
Emerges in one "glorious strain",
Adds to the half-note, makes it whole,
Completes the symphonies refrain.

In each man's heart there burns a fire,
That gives to him a forceful shove,
Lights in his soul a deep desire,
To seek and find his one true love.

Of all men I am truly blessed,
For my true love has graced my life,
Love more than I could have guessed,
Is mine since she became my wife.

And through our many wedded years,
This angel God sent from above,
Has shared with me my joys and tears,
Has proved to be my own true love.

My true love she will always be,
From now until the end of time,
Her loving touch I'll always see,
And thank the Lord that she is mine.
© Ken Hammack

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