True Friendship
Dedicated to two special ladies,
Bobbie Bolton Burnett and Phyllis Stagner Morris,
whose forever friendship inspired these words.

True friendship is a precious thing,
It binds two special souls together,
Two souls, thus bound, can laugh and sing,
In sunshine or in stormy weather.

True friendship is a wondrous gift,
It fills two special hearts with love,
Two hearts, then filled, can truly lift,
And lend a "gentle" needed shove.

True friendship is a treasure rare,
It joins two lives in one accord,
Two lives, so joined, will always care,
For each the best both will afford.

True friendship is most reassuring,
It holds two friends within its care,
Thus held they find a trust enduring,
Their deepest joys and hurts they share.

True friendship, then, is never-ending,
It links two special friends forever,
Two friends when linked think thoughts transcending,
The trivial things that tend to sever.

So if you seek a friendship true,
A friend on whom you can depend,
Here's something that you all must do,
To find that friend, just be that friend.
Ken Hammack

Ken, thank you very much for this tribute to our friendship.
Please accept my full gratitude for this treasure.
Loving prayers, pk




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