A True Father

A true father is someone who will bend over
backwards on their hands and knees just so his
son(s) or daughter(s) will be happy.

A true father is someone who will withstand all
the pressure's of raising a child and still be
strong enough to show his love.

A true father is someone who gives everything
he has got just so you can have glasses,
braces, or a new car.

A true father is someone who has nothing but
true love in his heart for his children.

A true father is someone who will not break
promises, who will not keep secrets, who will not
lie to you, and who will always give you his best.

A true father doesn't mind his children mimicking
him or watching his every step
and following his command.

A true father is someone who will give you all
the money he's got so you can have what you
want; even if that means that he has to do
without lunch for a week.

A true father knows what to say to his son or
daughter when they are crying on their knees
for help. He knows just what to give you to
make you feel better.

A true father will be a friend in your time of need
and will not persecute you for your wrong
doings. He will forgive and forget EVERY TIME!!

A true father is someone who scrapes his
knuckles and breaks his back,
yet never makes the front page.

A true Father is someone who will forgive your
sins, and watch His ONLY son die for YOU.......

Everyone has two fathers, they may not know
it, but they do. One is a temporary father, the
one who lives here on earth with you. The other
is the One Who lives in Heaven.

Both love you unconditionally and without end.
Both will sacrifice the best for YOU. Both will
give you all they have got. One may not have as
much as the other, but the giving is still the
same. One of them gave His only son, so that
YOU could live. He sat and watched His ONLY
son DIE for with pain and iniquity for US. That's
a TRUE Father, someone who will sacrifice His
son, for me and you.... Cherish both of your
fathers for they both are true Giver's of Life.....
© Nikki Preskitt

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