Oft times I fool my closest friends,
Try to erect some great facade,
But there's a place down deep within,
That's only known to me and God.

I'm often not what others see,
Some times my very life's a fraud,
But in that place of honesty,
My humbled heart "comes clean" with God.

Yes there are some who think I'm neat,
They quickly offer praise and laud,
But there's no place for vain deceit,
When I come face to face with God.

He turns His piercing eyes on me,
Applies His loving, chastening rod,
His mercy, love and grace I see,
As I peer into the face of God.

And in that look my soul is cleansed,
My feet with truth and faith are shod,
So both my family and my friends,
Can see in me the love of God.

Dear Lord, this is my fervent plea,
As oe'r this path of life I trod,
When others look, may they not see me,
But a merciful, forgiving God.
Ken Hammack

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