From darkness to light
From turmoil to peace
From despair to hope
From anger to ease

No Answer

Anger like a lightning bolt
Shooting through my head
Then the pain and grief of loss
As if some one dear were dead.

Pieces of my soul
Exploding all around me
Lashing out and crying
As my tormentors surround me.

I shake my fist and shout
No more! I've had enough!
I can't take it anymore!
I'm not strong and I'm not tough!.

I beg and plead Oh God
Please hear my prayer
But nothing, I get nothing
Just the stillness of the air.

I do not hear an answer
Nor an ending to my pain
I wait I watch I listen
But the tormentors remain.
© Bobbie Burnett
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Standing In The Light

A battle raged inside me
A war of great proportions
Blackness swirled around me
In frightening distortions.

Then love reached out to hold me
Almost blinding was the light
The darkness had been vanquished
No more pit of endless night.

Oh sweet day of awakening
The joy that floods my soul
When Jesus came to live with me
And made my spirit whole.

I know that I may stumble
As I strive to do what's right
But from this moment on
I'll be standing in the light.

Standing in the light, oh Lord
Standing in the light
With the power of your love
I'm standing in the light.
Bobbie Burnett
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