Born Again

Like a beautiful butterfly,
emerging from it's cocoon,
I am given a new life in Christ,
set free from a life of doom.

A glorious new day has dawned
my soul awakens, shining as the sun.
Now my heart lifts on morning wings
to praise Him for all He's done.

In the beauty of spring I am arrayed
for now all things are become new
God, I sense the fragrance of your love
and it draws me closer unto you.

There is nothing I need to fear
for God holds me with His right hand
leading and guiding me along life's path.
Come what may, for me He has a plan.

There is no place that I can hide
for He has always known my name.
He has called me closely to His side
forever, His greatness I'll proclaim.

He gave me new wings for the journey
I'll take flight to tell of His worth.
My voice will carry on the whispering wind
Hear it and beleive, for He gives new birth.
TinasHeart 04/22/06

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