The Time Of My Life

The year was nineteen thirty nine,
On another cold October morn,
I made my entrance into time,
And with me hopes and dreams were born

A mother's hopes for this child she bore,
A father's dreams for this brand new son,
I could not know what lay in store,
As I started on this race I'd run.

The year is nineteen forty nine,
How quickly did those ten years go,
It was my early learning time,
A time to stretch my wings and grow.

A time to learn my ABC's
A time to learn of social grace,
A time for fun and climbing trees,
With true blue chums to interface.

The year is nineteen fifty nine,
How swiftly did these years go by,
This was my formal learning time,
Within the halls of Clovis High.

A time for making memories sweet,
A time for life, laughter and love,
A time for friendships oh so neat,
For these we thank the Lord above.

The year is nineteen sixty nine,
High school days have quickly flown,
The love I'd hoped for now is mine,
I won her heart, made her my own.

A time for children, we had three,
To fill our lives and grace our home,
These years have proven out to be,
The greatest time I've ever known.

The year is nineteen seventy nine,
A time of great transition came,
College, for me, came late in line,
Our lives would never be the same.

A time of faith, to be resolved,
To see this "tardy project" through,
And each of us became involved,
We all did what we had to do.

The year is nineteen eighty nine,
And health concerns came into view,
We cared for MOM, both her's and mine
It was the least that we could do.

We faced some hard "departing" times,
As tears of joy and sorrow poured,
A daughter wooed by wedding chimes,
A mother gone to her reward.

The year is nineteen ninety nine,
The years come swiftly on a pace,
These "golden years" begin to shine,
To lighten up this arduous race.

As I look back it's not so bad,
In spite of all the toil and strife,
I'll tell you all I've really had,
A great time of my life.

But time for me will be no more,
On some great glad tomorrow,
When I plant my feet on that golden shore
Beyond this veil of sorrow.

Of worldly gold I did not mine,
Nor gained much of it's worth,
But I hope I have wisely spent my time,
While living here on earth.
Ken Hammack

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