The Seasons Of My Life

I love the winter season,
With it's white and "snowy" days,
The "spectre" of it's vision,
As upon each scene I gaze.

I love the smell of springtime,
With it's fresh and "crispy" days,
It is nature's greatest "fling" time,
With it's flowering displays.

I love the good old summertime,
With it's long and lazy days,
The warmth of golden sunshine,
With it's tender, pleasing rays.

I love the rustic autumn,
With it's brilliant turning leaves,
And the cool fresh wind that brought them,
As it whistles through the trees.

God has given me four seasons,
And within them my life lies,
And He will supply the reasons,
For each season flying by.

In the springtime of my living,
With my strength and spirit "new",
I was ardent in my giving,
In each task I tried to do.

But spring soon turned to summer,
My resolve began to ease,
I marched to a different drummer,
In it's "captivating" breeze.

Summer quickly turned to autumn,
As the years passed swiftly by,
Long hard battles how I fought them,
With slower step and dimmer eye.

The winter time is on me now,
My life is almost done,
That "hoary frost" is on my brow,
My victory's almost won.

As I look back across the years,
Scan each and every season,
Recount the joys as well as tears,
My heart still has it's reason,

To look, with hope, to that bright shore,
Beyond this vale of sorrow,
For days and seasons change no more,
In God's great, glad tomorrow.
Ken Hammack

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