How do you define success
In this life that you're now living?
Will you find it in what you possess
Or will it be in what you're giving?

If you acquire abundant wealth,
In your pursuit of worldly gain,
Will riches bring you joy and health,
Or will they bring you grief and pain?

If you could find a little peace,
In this old world oft torn apart,
If war and conflict all would cease,
Would that "assuage" your troubled heart?

If you attain each goal you set,
If all the world lies at your feet,
If all your wants and needs are met,
Would life's refrain still sound so sweet?

If you fulfill your hopes and dreams,
If all your skies turn azure blue,
If each reward is all it seems,
Would you yet seek for something new?

If you accomplished every plan,
And conquered every challenge faced,
Completed every race you ran,
Could you take pride in how you raced?

What does it mean at end of day,
To have slept so soundly through the night?
For you knew that all along the way,
You had shunned the wrong and chose the right.

What does it mean to feel secure?
When all around you chaos rages.
Will firm resolve and purpose sure,
Give you confidence to turn life's pages?

What does it mean to be content,
In whatso'er your lot may be?
Will you look back when life is spent,
And smile or cry at what you see?

So tell me what would be your choice,
Of values that will curse or bless?
Your answer you must give a voice,
How do you define success?
© Ken Hammack

To sing along click here for the lyrics.

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