Spirit Within
(for my Mother)

She died in early morning
Before the sun was up
Between sleeping and arising
Before I filled my cup.

Arms were warm from her last hug
Her voice still in my ears
Yearning, longing for her touch
No time, no time for tears.

Her face was still and peaceful
I could not get enough
To go away and leave her there
Was rough.

Each day I felt the emptiness
Her mighty spirit gone
Night was tears to fill the void
And lonely was the dawn.

Raking leaves and pine cones
A day like any other
Suddenly I felt inside
The spirit of my Mother.

Just for an instant
Whole and within
Her strong and loving energy
Touching me again.

So in life and so in death
She came to me - and then
Brought to me the healing
From her spirit within.
© Bobbie Burnett
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