Spirit of Hope

Are you in the Christmas spirit? I mean, are you filled with the "spirit of hope" in Christ that overcomes the fear of the world? We all face fears in life. But I've learned the best anti-fear medicine is a "spirit of hope."

Even when I was home from the hospital after my heart transplant operation several years ago there still was the potential that my body could reject my new heart. I was preoccupied with the fear of rejection. Then my doctors told me three months after my operation that there was a good chance of my heart being accepted by my body.

One of the biggest lessons I learned from my transplant experience had to do with the fear of rejection. As I think about this, I've come to realize how fear keeps people from doing so many things.

Fear of failure keeps us from trying to succeed. Fear of losing keeps us from trying to win. Fear of what others think keeps us from stepping out boldly. Fear of ridicule keeps us from declaring our faith in Jesus Christ. Most of all, fear stifles hope.

There is a reason I'm still here, and fear has no part in that. I know that God still has a purpose and a plan for me here on earth - to accomplish more with my life and to share my faith with other people. I'm also at peace knowing that God has an eternal home for me once His purpose for my life on earth has been achieved.

So as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, be of good cheer and rejoice. Celebrate in the spirit of hope. God sent His Son to be born as a child so He could bridge the gap between God and humanity and grant us the free gift of salvation.

We can choose to be overcome by fear, or we can reach out for the living faith in Christ that sustains us and gives us the strength to continue. Let's live in the spirit of hope. Merry Christmas!

© 2004 Rich DeVos



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