Special Butterfly

Oh butterfly,
you are so magnificent
as you gently soar high
above the earth connected
only by gravity's invisible pull.

You bring joy and happiness
to all who know you,
you add beauty to the flowers and trees
where ever you go,
You make the world complete!

You are free,
free to float with the breeze
high above the trees
absorbing the beauty
and wonder of all below.

You are free, free to land
on a child's outstretched hand,
to trust, to linger for awhile
and feel the gentle warmness
of the sun on your body.

You are free,
free to excite the fish
below the surface as you dart
left and right, only inches
above a southern pond.

While you soar on fresh breezes
out of sight,
as you explore the mysteries
and wonders of new ponds,
you are in my thoughts and prayers,
you are missed!
© James A. Semmens

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