When you were born the stars shone bright,
A tiny perfect, wondrous sight.

The babe became a growing boy,
Meeting life with cries of joy,
from awkward steps to reading books,
Games with balls and baiting hooks.

As years went by, a man appeared,
Loved and nurtured through the years.
With honest eyes he views the day,
A caring heart is there to stay.

A silent strength, an active mind,
A better man is hard to find.
I view him with both love and pride,
for you, my son, in him reside.
© Original Author

God Loves Little Boys

God loves little boys
and all that they do
Exploring and laughing
and roughhousing, too.

God loves their energy,
eagerness and wit.
He loves their serious side
and their fanciful spirit.

He guides them and
tends them while they grow,
Giving them all of the grace
He can bestow.

God's plan for His boys
is wondrous as well,
Because soon in their place
little men will dwell.
© Randy Grayson

Lord, make my life a window for Your light to shine through and 
a mirror to reflect your love to all I meet.
© Robert Harold Schuller

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