A Place Of Solitude

There is a place of solitude,
That beckons come within,
Where loneliness does not intrude,
Nor naught of this world's din.

A haven from my busy life,
A place of sweet release,
A refuge from the clamoring strife,
A place to find deep peace.

Oft times I find myself immeshed,
In trivial, mundane fare,
I take the time to be refreshed,
Commune with God in prayer.

And from the fray that oft oppresses,
I'll quickly turn aside,
Leave far behind the fret and stresses,
Within God's solace hide.

And in God's perfect union,
Find fellowship complete,
Partake of sweet communion,
While at my Savior's feet.

Then from that place of solitude,
I boldly will depart,
With mind and soul and strength renewed,
To serve some seeking heart.

And out among the multitude,
When conflicts press me sore,
To this lovely place of solitude,
I will return once more.
© Ken Hammack

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