A Simple Task
[A few words from my Forever Friend]
Thank you, my friend!

I gave myself what I believed to be a simple task. How easy it would be to write about this woman who has been a part of my life and my heart for over 40 years. As I began to form the words to describe her and our friendship, I soon discovered - This was no simple task!

Our souls recognized each other from the beginning, way back in junior high school. Even after she moved away our friendship refused to die. No matter how often she moved or I moved, we found each other and continued to build this lifetime connection.

Outwardly it seemed we were complete opposites. Our interests, likes and dislikes, hobbies, even our opinions didn't always match. But underneath where the true soul lives, we became sisters. She has 4 brothers connected to her by blood and I have one sister with the same connection. Over the years, her brothers have accepted me as part of their family and my sister recognizes her as her "other" sister.

When I think of my friend, I think of kindness, generosity, love, compassion, energetic, creative, fun, intelligent, and loyal. It never ceases to amaze me she is so surprised that she learned all she did after her husband died. She believes it is such an awesome feat for her. It did not surprise me at all. It was simply what I expected she would do, knowing how smart and capable she is and always has been. I truly believe she has never seen that in herself. And so, I add another word to describe her - humility.

In the many years we have shared this blessed friendship, we have both endured the loss of loved ones. When family was called to break the news, we naturally called each other also as we see ourselves as family. She has always been there, no matter what. She can be trusted to listen, keep confidences, lend a shoulder, advise, and make me laugh. No matter how old the cliché, I do strongly believe that laughter is the best medicine for whatever ails you. The laughter we have shared and continue to share every day has kept us strong in times when weakness would surely have taken control.

All our shared experiences have not been sad or tragic. We have done some pretty crazy things in our time and it is a good thing our friendship would never allow blackmail! She has been known to dance in the grocery store, bounce on the beds in a motel room, and do a hundred things that continue to fill up my memories. I know there will always be just the right card at just the right time and a phone call when it's needed the most.

There are simply not enough words to give you the full and complete picture of who this woman is. Truly, it is not a simple task.

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