A Shopping Trip

It sure sounded funny
When my friend said to me
"I took some money
And bought my memory!"

Now I knew it was her computer
She bought the memory for
But I got to thinking
You can buy that in a store?!

The memory in my head
Sure could use some company
What's just a little jazz piece
Used to be a symphony.

When I was younger
My memory was sharp.
I had a total orchestra
And now there's just a harp.

If I visited a memory store
Looking for a loan
I'm afraid I might not like it.
It wouldn't be my own.

My memories have feelings
With sights and sounds and smells
Where I've been and who I am
Within my memory dwells.

Perhaps I'll see what's there for me
In that memory store.
But I'll be stumped if someone asks
"What did you come here for?"
© Bobbie Burnett
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