Shine On

I always hate it in January when the Christmas lights start to come down. It seems a bit sad and lonely driving home at night without seeing the houses twinkling in blue, red, green, yellow, and white lights. It makes the winter a bit colder not to see glowing Christmas trees shining in the windows with light and love as I walk by the neighbors’ homes. I am always delighted then when some loving soul leaves their tree up or lights on a bit longer than the rest. It reminds me that the Spirit of Christmas doesn’t have to end on December 26th. It can instead live on in our hearts, souls, and homes all through the year.

Who was it, after all, who said you can’t have a little Christmas love, joy, and light in March or July or September? Shouldn't each and everyday of our lives here on Earth be a celebration of love, light, peace, happiness, joy, and oneness with God? Shouldn't every season of the year be a season of caring, giving, helping, and rejoicing? Shouldn't we all choose to live the way that God meant for us to live not just in December but everyday of every month of every year?

The next time you see some Christmas lights hanging on into the new year then smile instead of shaking your head. The next time you see a Christmas tree outside of December laugh in joy at the sight. Let these things remind you that the Spirit of Christmas is too big to only be in one month. Let these things remind you that you can choose and share love and joy every single day of your life. Let these things remind you that God loves you and lives with you always not just at Christmastime. Let these things remind you that you can shine your own brilliant and glorious light today, tomorrow, and all through the year. May all of our lights shine on forever.

© Joseph J. Mazzella


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