A Secret Place

There is a secret place to which I hurry,
When difficult becomes the path I trod.
There I'm released from every fret and worry,
For I am sheltered safe within the arms of God.

This secret place resides down deep inside me,
Within the "curtained" recess of my heart.
I'll find His wisdom there to lead and guideme,
And the power I need to make a fresh new start.

This secret place to me is oh so precious,
I talk with Him as friend would talk with friend,
The love and care He offers me is gracious,
Of His mercy and His grace I'll know no end.

And in this secret place I feel no anguish,
My soul can find it's rest in sweet repose,
And every fear and foe His love will vanquish,
As His providential keeping overflows.

Fellow pilgrim are you wearied in the striving?
Is you daily living filled with stress and care?
God has given you a promise of reviving,
You will find it in that secret place of prayer.
© Ken Hammack

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