The following poem was written by my cool
brother-in-law for his wife.
Isn't she lucky?

Thank you, Jerry

Seasons of Love

If I were Springtime,
my leaves would unfold
and my flowers would bloom,
I'd send the rain.

I would inspire love
If I were Springtime.

If I were Summer,
my fields would green
and my children would play,
I'd warm the Earth.

I would feel love
If I were Summer.

If I were Autumn,
I'd color the world
and swirl the leaves,
I'd whisper the wind.

I would give love
If I were Autumn.

If I were Winter,
I'd cover the world
in a soft white coat,
I'd bring still peace.

I would have love
If I were Winter.

Yes, if I were Any Season,
I'd use my charm
to help you see,
the beauty in the world.

I would be love
If I were any Season.

© Jerry Morris, April 2000

Thank you

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