Roses And Thorns

Within each life a candle glows,
To light our way God's lamp adorns,
Within each life there blooms a rose,
Majestic there among the thorns.

Within each life there's bad and good,
For every life in sin is born,
Man did not choose the way he should,
Refused the rose and chose the thorn.

Within each life God pours His grace,
Through Christ, His Son, who suffered scorn,
When on the cross He took our place,
God's precious rose became a thorn.

Within each life God rains His love,
Like dew drops in the early morn,
Refreshing water from above,
That nurtures both the rose and thorn.

Within your life what would you find,
To make you happy or forlorn,
Just always picture in your mind,
The fragrant rose and not the thorn.

Within my life what would there be,
That blesses hearts and strangely warms,
I hope my friends will always see,
Lovely roses instead of thorns.
© Ken Hammack

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