Reflections Of 2001

The new year now has started,
It came at quickening pace.
The old year has departed,
But it's shadows we still trace.

It was a year of blessing,
Of heartache and trial too,
It kept us second-guessing,
About what God would do.

We faced a long steep mountain,
Right from the very start,
But we drank from faith's deep fountain
Held God's promise in our heart.

The health concerns that we both faced.
Were difficult at best.
The valley dark, as on we raced,
Provided quite a test.

Not knowing sure the answer,
We faced many a questioning day.
While battling the cancer,
We only knew to pray.

And seek the prayers of many friends,
We have made throughout our lives,
The chain of prayer would never end,
As they were lifted toward the skies.

Words like this are not enough,
To express the joy we feel,
For all your prayers when times were rough,
And your cards that helped to heal.

We struggled on through darkened night,
And sailed through troubled seas,
God's love and grace we kept in sight,
Though billows didn't ease.

But soon our burdened spirit sings,
God honored all those prayers,
Sweet healing came on angel's wings,
To lighten all our cares.

Nor could we adequately express,
The praise we give to God,
For only He can heal and bless,
As we travel o'er this sod.

And so we face this brand new year,
With resolve and faith so certain,
There may yet be much that we must bear,
Before that final curtain.

But there is a fact that we all must know,
We have found it to be true,
While traveling here on earth below,
God's love will see you through.
© Ken Hammack

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