The Real Thing

Friends can easily be gathered up
Like leaves into a barrel
But some will quickly ravel
Like a piece of cheap apparel.

Real friends will let you see them cry
And share their pain with you
Or call you up to just say "hi"
And have a laugh or two.

Loyalty and honesty, so real
They cannot mask it
Brightly colored hearts of love
Weaving through my friendship basket.

Real friends don't melt away
Like a snowman in the sun
That's how you tell the difference
Who will stay and who will run.

Ups and downs and merry-go-rounds
They'll hang in there for the ride
And when they need a shoulder
They're the ones you stand beside.

When my life is over
When my soul and spirit blend
There would be no greater honor
Than to hear "She was my friend."
© Bobbie Burnett
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