Rainbows In The Sky

I traveled in a dream-like state,
To where? I was not really sure.
For this place, had no time nor date,
Showing, if it was past, present or future.

I saw no tunnel, nor bright light,
Nor was I forced, against my will.
But, I did see, a magnificent sight,
Not as a dream, but very real.

It was a new world, of mountains and streams,
And rivers, that run to mighty oceans.
A wonder, that no man could ever dream,
For only, Living Water through the soul, gives it motion.

There were waterfalls, filling valley's, below,
Flooding lost souls, of hardened ground.
Creating life, that only the spirit knows,
And delivering them, from the curse they were bound.

And like many rainbows, in the sky,
They too, would soon take their place.
With those, already here, never to die,
In all the colors, of the human race.

And there were many mansions, set on high,
Not like houses, as you might think of some.
But, each, a domain, silhouetted, against the sky,
Interlocked together, making heaven, lit by the Son.

And every rock, tree, plant and flower,
Lived, by what this world was made of.
With each, giving fragrance, of that same power,
Not that of oxygen, but that, of eternal love.

And nothing survived, by any other name,
For this world was Holy and pure.
Made possible by Hope, the One and the same,
Who is the Trinity, who forever, endures.

And another thing, that's hard to understand,
I knew the names, of all I met.
But, an angel held me back, with his hand,
From touching them, for I, wasn't there, yet.

Then, a mighty gate, made from a single pearl,
Opened, to a narrow path through space.
For me to return, to the earthly world,
To tell others, about this glorious place.

But, how many, will believe my story?
That I really did see, all these things?
That I, spent time, in a place of Glory?
Or, will they think of it, as only a dream?

I only know, now, one thing for sure,
Something, that I did not know, before.
That I was in the past, present and future,
And the only way there, is through Jesus, our Door.

But, for those, who do not believe,
The next time you see, the rainfall come.
Look to the sky, and see, if you can see,
A rainbow of souls, of Living Water, by the Son.
Reginal R. Tidwell
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