Quiet Time

The family's all in bed,
Because the hour's getting late.
Here on Christmas Eve,
I have some time to meditate.

We had some friends and family,
Over earlier, this eve.
We all were having so much fun,
They didn't want to leave.

Now I sit here thinking,
And the night is oh so still.
The gentle snow is falling,
Outside on the window sill.

I think about my children,
And, I think about my spouse.
I think about the memories,
Were making in this house.

I think about my Mother,
And, I think about my Dad.
I think about the Christmas past,
And all the fun we had.

I think about the friends we have,
And how close we have been.
I think about some relatives,
I must go see again.

I think about the job I have,
That does provide the means,
For us to have this lifestyle,
And it helps fulfill our dreams.

I think about this country,
And, how great its grown to be.
I think about the ones who died,
To keep this country free.

I think about the Savior,
Who was sent upon this earth.
And, the day we set aside,
To celebrate, His birth.

As I think of all these things,
I bow my head to pray.
Thank You Lord, I've been so blessed,
By You, this Christmas Day.
© James A. Kisner aka Themestream Author

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