The Quest For Freedom

In every human heart there is a yearning,
To rise above all hate and cruelty,
In every human breast there is a burning,
A quest to live in peace and harmony.

In every human life a dream is living,
To share with kindred souls "sweet liberty"
To have a part in taking and in giving,
To be certain every one is truly free.

In every human spirit there's a longing,
To break from every shackle of despair,
Have a place of safe and true belonging,
Within it's harbor find real love and care.

In every human soul there is a thirsting,
To become all that they really want to be.
A dream to be fulfilled instead of bursting,
Drink from the well of rich prosperity.

If this would be our quest then let us choose it.
This dream that every one of us holds dear,
If we do not protect it we will lose it,
To prejudice and greed and hate and fear.

If we would build this dream we need each other,
We cannot wage this conflict all alone,
We really need each sister and each brother,
We won't win freedom's prize all on our own.

Join in the quest so all the world may hear it.
Walk arm in arm so all the world will see.
Just keep in step with every kindred spirit,
Then some glad day all people will be free.
© Ken Hammack

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