The Prodigal Father
(Not the Biblical story but a story of what might have been.)

We've all heard of the prodigal son,
Who came when the day's work was done,
Said, "Dad, I'm and heir so just give me my share,
I am seeking for pleasure and fun.

But this story I tell you is sad,
It's about the prodigal dad,
He had no understanding and his love was demanding,
Thought he knew what was best for this lad.

"You will not take advantage of me,
I will dictate the way things will be,
So you shouldn't ask, just go back to your task,
I am sure that in time you will see."

"That your father knows really what's best,
And I won't let you bolt from the nest,
The "loot" is all mine and you won't get a dime,
My love won't be put to the test."

So he sheltered and pampered the boy,
Thus he robbed him of knowing the joy,
Of his father's embrace, of his mercy and grace,
Of pure love without any "alloy".

So the son, tho unhappy, stayed home,
O'er the paths of the world did not roam,
But alas he was sad, lost all love for his dad,
No respect for his father was shown.

Later on in the ensuing years,
Came the father repenting in tears,
"I am sorry, my son, for the wrongs I have done,
I was blinded by all of my fears."

Now in sorrow this story is told,
The son now is leaving the fold,
For dad's love he had longed but dad waited too long,
And the son had grown "distant" and cold.

And the dad in the years that remained,
Knew nothing but anguish and pain.
Each day he would yearn for this son to return,
But the lad never came home again.

So, all dads, heed these words that I say,
Your children must find their own way,
Give each one a voice and allow each a choice,
Release them, then patiently pray.

God will hear and your burdens He'll bear,
They will never be out of His care,
Although they may roam a long way from home,
Someday He will answer your prayer.
© Ken Hammack

To sing along click here for the lyrics.

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