1. God doesn't have an unlisted number

2. It's a local call

3. It's person to person

4. You are never put on hold

5. You don't have to choose who will answer. - Such as:

          If you are 1

          If you are 2

          If you need 3

          If you want to be 4

You always get through to the ONE who can meet your needs.

God doesn't have an answering machine:

          Sorry, we can't come to the phone right now!"

He doesn't work a 5 day week

He doesn't have a 9 to 5 job

You don't have to worry about getting Him out of bed because He's in a different time zone.

You don't have to worry about language barriers.

You can call from anywhere.

There's no charge...His Son has already paid the price...a gift that lasts forever.

By the way, He's by the throne phone right now, waiting to hear from you. Don't wait as some do, till you need to call 911...Give Him a call...NOW!

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