The Perfect Gift

Life is marked with swift transition,
Naught of earth remains the same,
Quickly comes each new decision,
As we play life's tedious game.

We should never count as certain,
Treasures held within our hands,
For we know not when the final curtain,
Will fall upon our lofty plans.

Let's hold not fast to things that perish,
To dreams that quickly fade away,
Far precious gifts are our's to cherish,
That will not tarnish or decay.

The promised gifts from God's own treasure,
The blessings of His gracious love,
His peace and joy that know no measure,
Comes down to us from heaven above.

And for that precious gift He gave us,
That perfect gift from heaven's throne,
Who died upon the cross to save us,
For our own sins He did atone.

Let's all be mindful of the living
Gift God gave us in His Son,
With hearts and tongues filled with thanksgiving,
Let's praise Him for these things He's done.
© Ken Hammack

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