He Was One Of Us

He was born as little children are
And lived as children do,
So remember that the Saviour
Was once a child like you.

And remember that He lived on earth
In the midst of sinful men,
And the problems of the present
Existed even then.

He was ridiculed and laughed at
In the same heartbreaking way
That we who fight for justice
Are ridiculed today.

He was tempted...He was hungry...
He was lonely...He was sad...
There's no sorrowful experience
That the Saviour has not had.

And in the end he was betrayed
And even crucified,
For He was truly "One Of Us"
He lived on earth and died.

So do not heed the skeptics
Who are often heard to say:
"What does God up in Heaven
Know of things we face today?"

For, our Father up in heaven
Is very much aware
Of our failures and shortcomings,
And the burdens that we bear

So whenever you are troubled
Put your problems in God's Hand
For He has faced all problems
And He will understand!
© Helen Steiner Rice

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