The One I Love
(Dedicated to the one I love,
my wife of thirty nine years,
who knows me discreetly, yet
loves me completely.)

The sweet smile on her face, her beauty and grace,
Brightens each bad "dreary" day.
She loves me so much and her soft tender touch,
Lightens my sad "weary" way.

Her love never ceases, it only increases,
It's "neater" than all I could say.
Nothing can sever, her love is forever,
And grows sweeter with each passing day.

Her kind understanding is never demanding,
She's patient and gentle with me.
She's loving and kind and I never would find,
Another so precious as she.

I'm the one of her choosing and I will never fear losing,
Her love to another some day.
For she loves me so dearly and she shows it so clearly,
And I love her the very same way.

God's love has caressed me and He truly has blessed me,
He sent this angel from heaven above.
He knew what I needed and my life He completed,
When He gave me the one that I love.
© Ken Hammack

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