I wonder . . .
    why this way
        you chose
    immersed in life
        among your foes
    absorbing sins'
        relentless blows

I wonder . . .
    what you felt
        each day
    encased in time
        to show the way
    the truth, the life
        redemption pay

I wonder . . .
    where the earth
        would stand
    without your
        righteous, gracious hand
    touching lives
        just as you planned

I wonder . . .
    who I am
        to see
    your love and power
        forgiving me
        so amazingly

I wonder . . .
    how to spread
        the news
    of Christmas gift
        that most refuse
    salvation real
        to find and choose

I wonder . . .
    when this path
        will end
    then born anew
        in heaven spend
        with you, my Friend

© 2004 Dave Veerman

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