New Beginnings

Oft we tire of toil and spinning,
Pilgrims on life's cluttered way,
We desire a new beginning,
A brand new start, a fresh new day.

In both the losing and the winning,
We may find our souls distressed,
Choosing then a new beginning,
Brings us comfort, peace and rest.

When we weary in the striving,
Struggle with our heavy load,
We would seek a fresh reviving,
A respite on life's tedious road.

When we're tossed on seas of sorrow,
Caught beneath grief's undertow,
There's brand new hope in each tomorrow,
The Holy Scriptures tell us so.

While groping thru the midnight hours,
With no light to show the way,
God soon will send refreshing showers,
Dawn will break, just trust and pray.

If your battered spirit's waning,
As you battle fear or pain,
Victory's yours just for the claiming,
In our blessed Savior's name.

When at last this life is finished,
Time for us will be no more,
New beginnings aren't diminished,
On Heaven's golden shore.
© Ken Hammack

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