The blessedness of Christmas
Is the miracle of birth,
When Christ, a child, called Jesus,
Was born upon this earth.

A star shone in the heavens
As darkness touched the night,
Attracting the poor shepherds
Who watched in awesome fright.

The wise men in the cities
Had heard the story told,
That a King, Lord and Saviour,
Lay in a manger cold.

The shepherds and the wise men
Who saw the brilliant star,
Followed it in wonder
To Bethlehem afar.

And there they found the manger
Enshrined in golden light,
Where laid the Christ Child Jesus
In swaddling clothes of white.

They knelt before their Master
As angels sang above,
A song that made it Christmas
So filled with joy and love.
© Original Author

To sing along click here for the lyrics.

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