(Dedicated to my sweetheart and sweethearts everywhere.)

I hold your love within my eyes,
In them your loveliness will shine,
It's plain to see I've won the prize,
Since you became my valentine.

I hold your love within my arms,
In them, sweetheart, You're sure to find,
Safe harbor from that which alarms,
I cherish you my valentine.

I hold your love within my heart,
Deep down inside I know you're mine,
I've known it from the very start,
When you became my valentine.

I hold your love in this very thought,
In every verse, each word, each line,
Your sweet caress is all I've sought,
From you my little valentine.

Your sweet caress you've always given,
Your tender touch is oh sublime,
You've made my life on earth a heaven,
You're wonderful my valentine.

I've held your love through many years,
I'll hold it till the end of time,
Your love is precious to me dear,
Because you are my valentine.

So on this day that's set aside,
To honor love and hearts that twine,
I see you still my "blushing bride".
You'll always be my valentine.
© Ken Hammack

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