Today I spied a spider
Inching up a silver vein
Then slowly and deliberately
He came back down again.

What futile effort. What a waste.
I arrogantly surmised.
This up, then down, then up again.
A useless exercise.

But with clarity and purpose
His constant efforts surged.
And through the struggle of his work
An elegant web emerged.

Some days I struggle upward
Fighting uphill. Wondering why.
And other days I'm gliding
Through a clear blue cloudless sky.

With each day that I begin
All the steps that I'll be taking
Is it all just a part of
Something bigger in the making?

Brightly colored threads of struggle
Pulling through the joy and strife
It's a tapestry I'm weaving
On God's canvas of my life.
© Bobbie Burnett
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