My Race

There is a race that I must run,
It was designed by God's own hand,
I cannot stop till it is done,
The finish lines on heaven's strand.

Sometimes the path ahead is clear,
No obstacle or hurdle seen,
Unfettered from the weight of fear,
My step is sure, my vision keen.

Sometimes I soar on eagle's wings,
Surmount the high and lofty place,
My soul is free, my spirit sings,
As I race on at heightened pace.

On the mountain top I'd choose to stay,
Partake of fellowship so sweet,
But His stern and gentle voice will say,
Your race, my child, is not complete.

The wilderness lies just ahead,
Through it you too must pass,
O'er parched dry ground your feet will tread,
Your soul will feel it's fiery blast.

And you must run the valley course,
There your path the shadows shroud,
Your weary heart will feel remorse,
As you pass beneath the darkening cloud.

This is the race God chose for me,
I cannot run this course alone,
His leading, loving hand I'll see,
A guiding light from heaven's throne.

There will be those along the way,
My friends, I know, who really care,
Who'll cheer me on in every way,
And hold me up in every prayer.

And when I near the finish line,
Begin the last lap of my race,
The victory, then, I'll know is mine,
I'll thank God for "Amazing Grace".

And from the grandstand I will hear,
From those with race already done,
A grand and glorious "holy cheer",
My crown of life I've finally won.
© Ken Hammack

To sing along click here for the lyrics.

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