My Legacy

What will I leave behind me when my life on earth is done,
When I have walked that last long and weary mile?
Will the legacy that I will leave my daughters and my son,
Be of token worth or will it be worthwhile?

I have not sought fame and fortune while living on this earth.
I have learned to get along with meager fare.
I've sought riches more enduring and of far exceeding worth,
And the wealth of all this world cannot compare.

I have left them family values by providing them a home.
In those early years their nurture and their care,
A place that they did not forget when they moved out on their own,
A haven where they still oft come even now to share.

I have left them pride of country and the liberty it brings,
They each cherish life in the good old USA,
In patriotic strains freedom's song so proudly rings,
Freedom's price, I am certain, each of them would pay.

I have given each a strong belief in an awesome, loving God.
A faithful God who always sees them through.
A God who will protect them as each perilous step they trod,
And will bless and guide them each in all they do.

So this will be my legacy, the things I leave behind,
Not much of this world's treasure did I mine,
But if they follow in my footsteps I am sure that each will find,
A rich heritage that stands the test of time.

What is the measure, friend, of the labor of your hand?
What will you leave behind when life is done?
Will it crumble into dust or will it's value strongly stand?
It's determined by the race that you now run.
© Ken Hammack

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