My Friends

I'm thankful for the many friends,
I've made along the way,
To know their friendship never ends,
Means more to me each day.

And if the road be smooth and plain,
Or bumpy be the ride,
In health or sickness, joy or pain,
They stay right by my side.

To lift me up when I am blue,
To help me understand,
In all the little things they do,
They lend a helping hand.

When I look back into the past,
Recall a childhood pal,
Great memories that will always last,
Are even with me now.

We used to romp and laugh and play,
From light till setting sun,
Comrades true in every way,
One for all and all for one.

That quickly moves us on,
To another time, to another place,
Where a new friendship will dawn.

Leaving toys and childhood joys,
I'd grow into my teens,
With thoughts of girls with pretty curls,
And that one "special queen".

At last she came into my life,
With tenderness and care,
And very soon became my wife,
Her love with me she'd share.

But she is more than just a mate,
As our lives together blend,
I think it's absolutely great,
She's also my best friend.

And thru the years there's lots of friends,
Who fondly I recall,
Thanking God for all of them,
And that He would bless them all.

But I have found another friend,
Like Him there is no other,
He will be with me till the end,
Stick closer than a brother.

And when I face death's chilly tide,
As all of us must do,
This friend will be right by my side,
To guide me safely through.

There I'll climb those golden stairs,
And walk on golden streets,
My friends I hope to meet you there,
Our friendship now complete.
© Ken Hammack


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