My Christmas Prayer

Bless my family and friends, I pray,
Help them dear Lord through each day.

Please don't let them lose sight of the season.
Show them, that your Son is the reason.

As they hang each ornament on their tree,
Let them dear Lord, do it in honor of Thee.

As they wrap and prepare their gifts to give,
Let them think of the reason they live.

To give all glory and honor to You,
Bless them dear Lord in all that they do.

As they take their cards and begin to write,
Let them remember that Holy Night.

Bless them as they cook and prepare their ham,
Take their minds back to Bethlehem.

Let them vision that Baby so dear,
Let them feel Your Holy Spirit near.

And as they watch the children play,
Bless them dear Lord with the spirit to pray.

And as they see the winter snow fall,
Help them to remember to pray for all.

For the most precious gifts are Love, Peace, and Joy.
It's not the latest fashion or the newest toy.

And most of all, bless our children in public places,
Where all they can see are Santa Faces.

Bless the ones that gather on Christmas Day,
To remember that You are the way.
© Holly Michelle Osborne 2002

Thank You

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