My Childhood Home
"Where we love is home---home that our
feet may leave, but not our hearts." ---
Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

My heart is never far away,
From a happy place that I called home.
My mind goes back there every day,
No matter when or where I roam.

My feet have "wandered" many a mile,
From that far and distant place.
But it's memory is with me all the while,
And it puts a smile upon my face.

It was a place where as a lad,
I spent many a glad and happy day.
I remember all the fun I had,
And all the games I used to play.

It was a place I felt secure,
Within the care of sheltering arms.
A place where I could know for sure,
That I was safe from all alarms.

A place where "little minds" were fed,
By a dad and mom who really cared.
A place where "little souls" were led,
And the "chastening rod" was never spared.

A place that I would surely learn,
The values that would shape my life.
A place where I could always turn,
When doubt and fear brought stress and strife.

And even though I live today,
Far from that place of long ago.
It's really just a thought away,
My childhood home, that I loved so.
© Ken Hammack

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